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A4 Pacific Class British Railways Add-on Pack

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Disponibilité: Oui
HT : 10,70 € TTC : 12,95 €
HT : 10,70 € TTC : 12,95 €


Download file size : 367Mb

A new expansion package for Just Trains’ A4 Pacific Class add-on, providing ten high-quality liveries from the British Rail era adorning a range of engines from pristine machines to highly weathered examples.
Along with these engines are a set of six custom ‘Gresley’ carriages in Carmine and Cream (also called ‘Blood and Custard’) and Maroon liveries for you to couple up to and pull!
Also included are six new custom scenarios.
Note: You must have the A4 Pacific Class software (Download or Boxed) installed to be able to use this add-on pack.

· A4 Pacific Class locomotive twin chimney
· A4 Pacific Class locomotive single chimney
· Corridor tender
· Non-corridor tender

· ANDREW K McCOSH - Pristine British Railways Green 1950s - single chimney
· DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER 60008 - with FLYING SCOTSMAN headboard. 1960s British Rail Green - double chimney
· GOLDEN EAGLE - with FLYING SCOTSMAN headboard. Weathered 1960s British Railways Green livery - double chimney
· GOLDEN FLEECE in very dirty British Railways Green 1950s - double chimney
· KINGFISHER – With ELIZABETHAN headboard - Weathered 1960s British Railways green livery - double chimney
· MALLARD – with ELIZABETHAN headboard - Weathered 1960s British Railways green livery - double chimney
· SILVER FOX - with FLYING SCOTSMAN headboard. Weathered 1960s British Railways green livery - double chimney
· SEAGULL - with FLYING SCOTSMAN headboard. Pristine British Railways green 1950s - double chimney
· SPARROW HAWK - with FLYING SCOTSMAN headboard. British Railways Blue 1950s livery - double chimney
· WOODCOCK in British Railways experimental purple livery from 1949 - single chimney

Three coach models (Gresley Third Open, Gresley First Open & Gresley Brake Third Open) come in the following types and liveries:
· Carmine & Cream 
· Maroon

· Passenger view
· Detailed running gear
· Detailed passenger corridor carriage connection walkways
· Clear and frosted windows
· Bulged window fairing on Brake Third oOpen carriage
· Roof vents
· Operating passenger doors
· Operating double guards/goods doors
· London – Elizabethan – Edinburgh destination side boards

· High quality 3D modelling
· Headboards
· Front and rear working lights
· Single and twin chimneys
· Corridor and non-corridor tenders
· Headboard mounting brackets
· Fully animated running gear
· Cylinder cock piping
· Sanders piping
· Buffers
· Couplings
· Boiler side hand grab rails
· Name plates
· Cab roof vents
· Pressure relief valves
· Core plugs
· Steps
· Rivets
· Cab access grab handles
· Steam whistle
· Anti-slip areas at front of boiler
· Corridor tender rear window
· Tender rear steps
· Tender grab rails
· Tender water filling point
· Animated coal level

· Speed data recorder
· Animated firebox door
· Roof vents
· Pipe work
· Gauges
· Levers and controls
· Driver and Fireman seats
· Non-operating/animated tender controls; water level indicator, water scoop control, tender coal door
Animated controls
· Sanding lever
· Cylinder cock lever
· Small compressor lever
· Blower lever
· Live injector Steam
· Exhaust injector Steam
· Reverser
· Regulator
· Whistle operating lever
· Brake operating lever
· Damper

Operating gauges
· Dual pressure gauge for brake vacuum and brake chamber vacuum
· Boiler pressure gauge
· Steam chest pressure gauge
· Steam heating gauge
· Dual water level indicators
· Reverser position indicator
Physics and effects
· Custom Physics
· Smoke and steam effects

Note: The non-European release of Rail Simulator did not include the Newcastle - York route by default. It is available to purchase from the Just Trains website here.)
How The Mighty Have Fallen
It’s March 1966 and the A4s are coming to the end of their working life with British Railways. Having been relegated to freight duties by the introduction of Deltics, drive a grubby 60030 'Golden Fleece' light engine from Northallerton to Thirsk and then form the daily 10:30 Thirsk - York freight working.
In Bad Taste
Drive an experimental purple-liveried 60029 'Woodcock' on the 12:05 Kings Cross - Newcastle service.
Sparrow Hawk To Darlington
Drive 60018 Sparrow Hawk on a York to Darlington service.
The Down Elizabethan
Drive the down Elizabethan from York to Newcastle with 60024 'Kingfisher' at the helm.
The Up Elizabethan
Take charge of ”The Elizabethan” with 60017 “Silver Fox” at the helm from Newcastle to York.
The Up Flying Scotsman
Drive the prestigious 'Flying Scotsman' from Newcastle to York with 60033 'Seagull' at the helm.

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Famille Non
Genre Non
Editeur/Fabricant JustFlight
Plate-forme(s) compatible(s) Non
Type de support Non
Année de sortie Non
Informations Techniques · RailWorks or Rail Simulator (with A4 Pacific Class installed) · 1.7 GHz PC or any Dual Core · 512Mb RAM (1Gb for Vista/Windows 7) · Windows 7, XP or Vista · 128Mb graphics card with Pixel shader 2.0 (AGP/PCE only) · Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card · Hard drive space 500Mb
Mode de livraison Download
Disponibilité Oui
hasmultipleversions Non
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