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Mooney M20J (FSX)

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Disponibilité: Yes
HT : 24,90 € TTC : 30,13 €


90% PC Pilot Magazine !
This aircraft has been developed only for FSX using all the new features FSX allows as external shadows on VC, dynamic shadows, normal mapping, especular mapping and bloom lights. The package contains the best textures ever created by Carenado (internal and external). The 3D model has an excellent relationship between details and polygons, aircraft curves are extremely soft improving the quality of the visual model without harming FPS. Standard model - IFR certification – four-places – Low wing - tricycle landing gear – 3 variations and blank textures – maximum details and realistic 3 textures kit. Includes: Interactive virtual cockpit – Full moving parts: Ailerons, elevators, rudders, flaps and trim tab – Animated Cowl Flaps – RAM air operative - Rolling wheels – Opening doors –Animated Sun Visor– FS2004 lights: Navigation lights, beacons, landing lights – Full dynamic effects (shines over the body and panel, nightlights) – Dynamic shine and reflections – Custom Mooney's Sounds – Transparent windows – 3D modeled full pilot's animation and cockpit area – Real Propeller – Many details as: pitot pressure chamber, antennas, chocks, fuel caps, pitot tube cover, Control Lock, Baggage Area ... etc. – Custom panel and gauges – Built-in Zoom Gauges and digital readout features – Realistic light effects on gauges – window's reflections – Nightlight effects on panel – Yoke –Toggle yoke at VC – Panel Manager – Extra Keypad – Normal Checklist – Emergency Checklist – Performance information – Realistic performance based on Mooney's documents and experimented Mooney's pilot observations...and our own experience on real flight and MFS – Similar behavior compared with the actual airplane – Real weight and balance - PDF document with information is added to the model. By CARENADO COMPANY.

Informations complémentaires

Editeur/Fabricant Carenado
Informations Techniques Microsoft Flight Simulator X (only !)
Mode de livraison Download
Disponibilité Yes