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Boeing 737 EFIS PRO

CP Flight

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EFIS737PRO is an expansion modules and require MCP737PRO to operate.

EFIS737PRO reproduce the EFIS selector located on the Boeing 737NG cockpit glareshield. Through a jumper EFIS737 can operate as captain or F/O selector (with Project Magenta only). EFIS737 have backlight controlled by the MCP737PRO and support all functions. The module is directly powered by the MCP737PRO and do not require any configuration. EFIS737PRO is directly powered and drived by the MCP737PRO through a single 5 pole cable (provided) and like all others CPflight modules have a second socket to allow the connection ot further devices (daisy chain).

Note: EFI737PRO is fully compatible with Project Magenta, PMDG 737 series, Flight Deck software, LVLD767 and with Microsoft Flight Simulator X Boeing 737-800.

Note: Flightsimlabs driver (payware) allow the CPflight hardware to work with PMDG737 and 747 series

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