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Boeing style chronometer/clock grey (GSA 70)

Flight Illusion

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** Pour pays européens
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The clock works with our propriety software and are easily configurable. They are able to handle time and date, Z.T., E.T., chronometer counting or decounting.
The clock can run on FS time or on real time, depending on how it is set up. The connection to the computer runs through our interface (GSA-55).
The clock can also work as a standalone unit, but you will still need the GSA-55 to have power.

Physical characteristics
height 83 mm
width 83 mm
depth 27 mm
weight 230 gr
mounting 4 screws

Power requirements
power 5v/12 v
lights 2 LED

type daisy chain

You will need the GSA-55 to connect the gauge to the simulator.

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