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Be one of the first to pilot Boeing’s brand new airliner!
Boeing 787 Dreamliner gives you the opportunity to pilot one of the biggest and most exciting new passenger airliners in the world.  With more than 400 of them on order now from airlines around the world, the Boeing 787 looks to be a true "next generation" aircraft. Although not scheduled to enter service until 2008, Boeing’s latest offering will carry 300 passengers up to 8000 miles at Mach .85. Its high-tech design will also make it the most fuel efficient jetliner in the world. 
Designed with painstaking attention to detail, the developers of this Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004/FSX compatible expansion pack had their top designer, the legendary Tolga Piskin, spend hour upon hour recreating the immersive feel of this aircraft’s superb cockpit.  The Boeing 787 Dreamliner benefits from a strikingly handsome outer body, but this package’s real pièce de resistance is the full 3D virtual cockpit.  The specialised instrumentation includes a customised Flight Management Computer (FMC) which is virtually identical to the real thing along with complete easy-to-follow documentation to learn how to use it. 
The FMC works with Flight Simulator’s built in Flight Planner and allows you to fly virtually hands-off except for taking off and landing.  This package also includes a series of flights for you to pilot which represent authentic passenger routes and schedules.
Included are these liveries:
· Icelandair
· All Nippon Airways
· Boeing House Colours
· Sucaba
· Lynx Airways VA
· Air Florida VA
· Pinellas VA
· Air Tampa
· West Wind Airlines VA
· Fly UK VA
· Noble Air VA
· Atlantic Skies VA
· Boeing 787 Paint Kit with blank textures

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