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Produit expédiable

ITVV Fokker (DVD)

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Disponibilité: Yes
HT : 9,91 € TTC : 11,99 €



Take a detailed look at the Fokker 100 inside and out, then experience a round-trip from East Midlands International Airport in England to Nice in the south of France. The aircrew give you a guided tour of the outside of the aircraft before you take your seat on the flight deck where the Captain explains the aircraft systems and operation.

East Midlands – Nice – East Midlands

In this detailed look at the Fokker 100, presented with British Midland, you`ll experience a round-trip from East Midlands International Airport in the UK to Nice in the south of France.

This Platinum Collection title has been shot using 7 cameras with crystal clear digital stereo audio for first class quality.


• Multiple camera views inside each cockpit
• Hear real Air Traffic Control communications
• Full cockpit views on both take-off and landing
• Each Captain explains instruments, systems and procedures
• Pre-flight briefing, checklists and aircraft walk-round.
Your journey begins in the crew dispatch office for pre-flight preparations and a detailed briefing for the flight. Next we join the senior British Midland aircrew for a guided tour of the externals of the aircraft, before moving to the flightdeck for departure from East Midlands` runway 27. During the outbound sector the Captain gives you lots of information regarding the aircraft, systems and its operation.

Follow the manual landing into Nice using runway 04L. The return sector has the First Officer as Pilot Flying for a zero flap take-off from Nice`s runway 04R. The Navigation Log and fuel calculations are explained in depth and you are taken through the overhead panel in detail. Then settle into the descent for a CAT IIIa Autoland into East Midlands` runway 27.

During the flight you will not only see just how the aircraft is flown but will be able to follow Air Traffic Control, see the briefings, checklists and procedures carried out in the cockpit on a scheduled airline flight.

Informations complémentaires

Editeur/Fabricant ITVV
Informations Techniques

Running Time: 167 minutes
Chapter Points: 150 
Video Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Language: English

Mode de livraison CD/DVD
Disponibilité Yes