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HD Airport Graphics (FSX/P3D)

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Disponibilité: Yes
HT : 14,74 € TTC : 17,84 €


For the first time you will be able to experience your airports in FSX and PREPAR3D in High Definition!

HD Airport Graphics contains over 400 High Definition textures that provide a complete overhaul to your default airports around the world in Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D. 

Everything has been done in HD including NEW airport vehicles, taxiway signs, runways, jetways, terminals, hangars, taxiway markings, parking spaces and much more! You will instantly notice a complete transformation of your airports no matter where you are flying. 

Your default airports will no longer look dull and boring as this software will instantly modernize and upgrade all your small, medium and large airports throughout the world!

This package only updates the default airports in both FSX and Prepar3D. So you can rest assured that your add-on airports will not be affected or modified in any way.

Major airports such as KJFK, KLAX, LEMD, LFPG will feature all the new upgrades listed below except for their custom terminals already included in FSX and Prepar3D. Aside from that, the rest of your airports globally will feature HD terminals and spectacular night lighting along with the rest of the features listed in this product. 

Airport vehicles enhancements include:

•New pushback tractors
•New baggage carts
•New baggage loaders
•New pickup trucks
•New catering service trucks
•New passenger buses
•New sewage trucks
•New forklifts
•New fuel trucks
•Detailed night lighting for all airport vehicles 

Airport building enhancements include:

•HD terminals and buildings
•HD hangars
•Brand new taxiway signs in HD
•New jetways
•New airport warehouses.
•New control towers in HD.
•New airport parking garages.
•New radar towers and VOR stations.
•New beacon towers.
•Detailed airport lighting at night

New ground enhancements include

•Detailed asphalt and concrete runways
•Ultra realistic runway seasonal effects (snow and ice effects)
•Ultra detailed parking spaces
•Detailed parking stains on the ground
•Detailed taxiway markings
•New concrete taxiways.
•New asphalt taxiways
•New tarmac and apron textures

Informations complémentaires

Editeur/Fabricant Zinertek
Informations Techniques

FSX or Prepar3D

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